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voorblad Schmidt kwintet

Apart from the well-known piano concertos for the left hand, a lot of chamber music has been composed for Paul Wittgenstein, the pianist that left his right arm on the battlefield of the First World War. Much of this chamber music is still in private possession; After elaborate research we have managed to find scores - many of them handwritten - from all remote corners of Wittgenstein’s world. There is a wealth of material we are currently studying and we notice how full and rich that music can be with a one-handed piano part while retaining a transparent sound. Many pieces were hardly ever played after Wittgenstein premiered them, and have never been recorded.

We put together various concert-programs in which we perform the music and tell the story as well. Our first programme in the Wittgenstein Project was Wien bleibt Wien!, focussing on the Viennese musical life of the 19th century.

In Paul Wittgenstein, Left Hand Legacy we will zoom in on the figure of Paul Wittgenstein, with compositions of personal friends, mostly works that until 2001 were completely undeservedly gathering dust in Wittgenstein’s library instead of sounding in concerthalls.

In a later stage, more theatrical versions of the project with live projections will be available. 

We currently are working on a series of 5 Paul Wittgenstein Podcasts in coöperation with Lex Bohlmeijer and aim to release two cd-albums with the most valuable musical treasures we found.

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