The chamber music that was written for one-handed pianist Paul Wittgenstein has been seriously neglected for decades. In the Wittgenstein Project five top-of-the-bill chamber musicians join forces to pay tribute to this hidden treasure and bring it back to where it belongs: On today's concert stage.

Only recently the Dutch pianist Folke Nauta lost the use of his right hand due to a local neurological malfunction named focal dystonia. Shortly afterwards he makes the courageous decision to pursue his career focusing entirely on the repertoire for the left hand. In Paul Wittgenstein, the Viennese pianist that lost his right arm in the First World War he recognizes an illustrious predecessor and an example. He knows that Wittgenstein initiated many left-hand compositions, such as the Concerto by Maurice Ravel and he discovers that there is also a lot of chamber music written for him. He digs up a real treasure of fascinating works, some seldom or never performed after being premiered by Wittgenstein himself. 

Nauta then forms an ensemble of five accomplished soloists, prize-winners and chamber music specialists, exclusively dedicated to this chamber music. The Wittgenstein Project is born.

We are:

Folke Nauta, piano

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer, clarinet

Prisma String Trio: Janneke van Prooijen - violin/Elisabeth Smalt - viola/Michiel Weidner - cello

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